Photobiomodulative Therapy

Adopting practical discoveries in the field of low level laser therapy for you

What is Photobiomodulation?

In visible radiation, when a photon is absorbed by a molecule, the electrons of the molecule are raised to a higher state. This molecule will then lose the extra energy by undergoing photochemistry.

Convenience By Design

The Pocket Miracle's detachable adapters are engineered to maximize utility

What adapters?

There are three adapters and a strap designed to cover a variety of uses. From hair combing to hands-free relief, we have you covered.

The Pocket Miracle

Designed with four main uses of Low Level Laser Therapy in mind

Which main uses?

From Pain Relief, Hair Regrowth, Skin Rejuvenation, Wound Healing.

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More about the Pocket Miracle

The Pocket Miracle brings four applications of Low Level Laser Therapy to your fingertips. This is made possible through three unique detachable adapters combined into one small, powerful, portable package.

Backed by Vielight Inc‘s renown for engineering quality and durability, this is an awesome lifetime investment.

  • Cutting-edge ease in design makes Low Level Laser Therapy(LLLT) accessible to you from anywhere.
  • Combines the utility of several LLLT devices into one through a breakthrough in engineering, without loss of power or utility.
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